The Sababas project aims to support artistic social, economic and peacebuilding activities by enabling artists and non artists to share, address and debate local and global issues that affect their lives by investigating these isseu’s through a multi layered approach of social activities and art.

Music and visual arts has the power of engaging our senses and feelings rather than only our minds. Artistic expression can create a space of communication to be shared by all regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or social background. Additionally the strength of plays and popular songs in educating and informing people on social issues are already well known in Africa.

The Sababas vision of employing art and artists in social change and conflict solution began in 2005 when Sheriff Gale, a popular reggae musician and educator from Tamale, Bettina Fürstenberg a Danish videoartist and Shoshana Iten, an M.Sc. from Teksam (RUC) formed the Sababas Project.

Today, the project has evolved and expanded to involve a number of artists and others who are motivated by the role of art as an important tool for social, political and personal development. In spring 2009 an artistic collaboration resulted in new works. Check the music and video as well as activity section for the presentation of these as well as future projects and donation buttons.

The project is collaborating with partners in Denmark and Ghana and has received generous funding from various donors. See donors/partners.

Future activities of the Sababas include setting up an audiovisual studio in Tamale, Ghana and ongoing youth exchanges.