Heart Rebels

About HeartRebels


Heartrebels was established in 2006 and is an association based on voluntarily work. The vision is to strengthen youth, striving to give young individuals self-confidence and zest for the future, in order for them to become their own agents of action. Our mission is to seek youth environments to start up projects in co-operation with committed people with the goal of creating locally anchored projects. We facilitate a framework for self-realisation and inspirational action.

In 2008 we became involved with Sababas and as co-coordinators we, Mia Beyer and Maja Hedin, are in charge of organising venues and workshops developed by HeartRebels.

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About Us

Mia Beyer:

BA in International Development Studies from RUC, 2006, and will finish a MA in African Studies by the end of 2009. Have gained professional and organisational experience from developing, coordinating and finalising several projects in Denmark and abroad all with humanitarian focus. Here amongst coordinating an economic development project in Tanzania aiming to reduce poverty around Lake Victoria, coordinating a corporate social responsibility project doing events in Europe to raise money for national and international development projects, and working with youth in the slums of Quito, Ecuador. Most recent projects have been carried out at the Youth Home in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Besides doing creative and artistic workshops (Sababas) at the Youth Home, several workshops on youth identity and society as well as a documentary film concerning youth, their life circumstances and the Youth Home has been made.

I have great passion for exploring the world, meeting people and engaging in and developing projects. I am a great supporter of sharing knowledge, experiences, skills and drive, which my experiences show me, is an effective way to boast people and create upliftment. Furthermore, my experiences show me that through uniting forces it is possible to create positive outcomes. Everyone have a voice and the right to use it – so engaged in HeartRebels I will dedicate my heart to get young people’s voices heard – get energy and self-confidence to influence their life circumstances.


Maja Hedin:

BA in International Relations from London Metropolitan University, 2006.

The degree involved a year in South Africa studying at the University of Cape Town, whilst working for a women empowerment project in the township Nyanga. Will finish a MA in African Studies by the end of 2009, at the University of Copenhagen. The final thesis is concerning youth and development, identity, and the conflict between tradition and modernity.

Have been involved within the political sphere working with various project both in Denmark and abroad (Central America, Asia and Africa) since the mid 1990s. Overall the focus have been centered on political inequality and giving a voice to marginalized groups, creating awareness, capacity building and empowerment, braking down the barriers between marginalized groups, religion, gender etc., and in creating equal political and economic opportunities for all.

I see many possibilities in how to advance development strategies by, amongst others, cooperating beyond conventional categorization and conducts of organization both in relation to profession, capacity and competence. And I believe that HeartRebels will set an example that can evoke inspiration and then again advance strategies within development work, hence the reason why Carla Cammilla Hjort and I established HeartRebels in 2006.