The Musicians

Lady Aisha alias Aisha Thorsen (DK)

singer, composer, lyricist Aisha is the lead singer in her own band, Nomadix. The genre is Hip-hop, R&B and soul. She writes and composes songs herself and has a great awareness of social and political issues which is expressed in her lyrics. Aisha has experience of working with various musicians and can easily adopt and move between different genres she has been singing with e.g. Savage Rose, Tanya Stephens, Catbird and B.B. Seaton. She is a charismatic singer with a beautiful powerful voice and very charming stage appearance. Aisha is of Danish and Somalian origin and in 1998 she went to Ghana for 3 months to explore music and dance.  

King Ayisoba (GH)

singer, lyricist, kologo player King Ayisoba is from the Upper East Region of Ghana. He is a singer, lyricist and musician. His album ‘Modern Ghanaians’ is the fastest selling album by an artist from the Northern part of Ghana and it’s popularity has spread through Ghana like a bushfire. Singing in English, Twi and Frafra, King Ayisoba has struck a chord with the Ghanaian audience and has embraced his Kologo (a 2-string traditional guitar) with great passion. He is a master in playing the Kologo. He has indeed done lots of collaboration with many local artistes like: Batman, Sidney, Kontihene and the late Terry Bonchaka. His style can be classified as a unique form of Afro-beat with an emphasis on traditional music, which has captured fans around the globe.

Sirina Issah (GH)

Sirina started singing at the age of eight and has since released 7 albums. In 1994 she performed in Tamale as the first female of the North of Ghana to perform live on a big stage. Since then she has performed continuously in all big cities in Ghana as well as in the USA. In 2002 she got an award of excellence and in 2004 she was awarded the best female artist in Ghana. She sings in English, Dagbani, Hausa and Twi and performs hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and Soul. During the Chieftaincy Crisis in 2002 in the Northern Region of Ghana she pushed peace through music and cooperated with other artists on a peace album. It made a very big impact in Ghana as well as on Ghanaians living abroad.

Sheriff Ghale (GH)

composer, singer, lyricist, guitarist, traditional drummer. Sheriff is a writer, composer, singer, guitarist, “jinjeling”, traditional drummer identified as a reggae artist from Tamale, Ghana. He has released 9 albums and has produced educational jingles and songs on relevant social issues. He is an extraordinary performer, known at the “Master Entertainer” by his fans. He has never relented in his effort towards “Music for Peace Building.” His second album and the 7 in 1 project are clear indications of his efforts to use music as a tool for building peace, especially with his famous “Sochira” album addressing the intra-ethnic conflicts surrounding the Dagbon Chieftaincy Crisis. He is currently studying at University of Education Winneba doing a B.Ed (Music)http://sheriffghale.calabashmusic.com

Kawastone (GH)

Kawastone, also known as Muhammed Abdul-Rashid, grew up in the Central Region of Ghana but moved to Tamale to be closer to his roots. He began his career in music at an early age and formed the group Blackstone along with friends, a band that quickly climbed the charts in the hiplife scene of Ghana. He later went solo under the name Kawastone and is currently one of the most popular young hiplife musicians in Tamale. His style can be described as a mixture between highlife and R’n'B and his lyrics refelct some of the issues he sees around him, including motivating youth to become more engaged in society. He has also participated in several peace collaborations including the 7 in 1 for Peace and the Beacon for Peace festival .

Bjørn Winnem (DK)

Bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, sound engineer, producer Bjørn has been doing live sound since the age of 16, which adds up to 12 years now. He is an excellent sound engineer with a “magic ear” and also a musician who plays bass, guitar, keyboard and computer. He can mix, dub, produce, master and record music and also does live sound. He has worked with a number of bands: Bliglad, BootyCologne, Hessismore, Moicaprice, Sebastian, Kasper Vinding, Laid Back, Jaconfetti, Luke, Kenneth Bager, Jokeren, Nobodybeatsthebeats, WhoMadeWho, Junior Senior, Mew and the list goes on..

Zaki Youssef (DK)

singer, composer, lyricist Zaki Youssef is a rapper, beat boxer, producer and actor with a Danish and Egyptian background. He has performed and composed everything from Reggae, Hip Hop, Electro, Dancehall, Experimental, Soul to modern Arab and Egyptian music. He has composed music for several theatre performances and films. He has offered workshops, and actively participates in all sorts of cultural and political projects. One out of many projects was the successful play “Etnisk Uheld” at Betty Nansen Theater in Copenhagen. He has furthermore performed in venue places like Roskilde Festival and Store Vega. The Middle East Peace Orchestra furthermore featured him in their concerts at the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen.

Abdul Wahab  Sualisu 

Sualisu, Abdul Wahab, born in Tamale the capital of the northern region of Ghana, to a traditional drum family.  As the tradition pertains in the Dagomba culture of northern Ghana, he started drumming and learning the traditional drum culture (luntali), at the age of seven.  He started with the small time-line drum (lunbila) and graduated to the bass/master drum (gungong) at the age of fifteen. He joined the Tamale youth home, a youth center in Tamale for general Ghanaian traditional drumming and dancing in 2001, to which he is still affiliated and plays with. He plays a wide variety of traditional Ghanaian drums.  Among the list are the “djembe”, the “lunga (hour glass drum)”, the “gungong (bass master drum of the dagomba lunsi)”, the “timpana (talking drums)” and more. At the Tamale Youth Home, he has taught to play a wide range of tradition drums (percussions), so many drum students, visiting drummers, tourists etc.

Oscar Asua

Asua Oscar comes from Bongo-bolungo in the Upper East region of Ghana.  He was born in 1983.  He admired the Kalima as an instrument since he was a little boy, so could not miss the first opportunity of learning to play, when he met a man nicknamed “tiger” in Accra, around 1999. He later met King Ayisoba in Accra who inspired him very much to take the kalmia a lot more seriously.  He has played with and danced for King Ayisoba ever since. Oscar plays and sings with his instrument by himself, but most of the time he plays as a supporting instrumentalist.

Kristoffer Sjelberg alias Stunngun – Drummer and Producer


Eagger og Stunn

Daniel Rosenthal Plon - Guitar og producer


Daniel Rosenthal Plon 25 år
Jeg har startet Bliglad og er stadig en fast del af bandet som bla. har solgt 2xguld  kendt for hits som Kærlighed til folket og Dans For Satan
Derudover har jeg spillet live og indspillet for navne som Jokeren, Ufo og Yepha og Alex.

Daniel Muschinsky – Keyboard

I play / have played keyboard with the following artists (in no particular order): Rasmus Seebach, Xander, Lizzie, Pato, Laid Back, Trolle//Siebenhaar, Djuma Soundsystem, Natasja, Outlandish, Burhan G, Jokeren, Nobody Beats the Beats, Djosos Krost, DJ-Vadim, Lee Oscar, Ataf and many more… I have recorded with the following artists and producers (in no particular order): Nobody Beats the Beats, Djuma Soundsystem, Safri Duo, Medina, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Pink, Adam F, Shayne Ward, Pato, Outlandish, Shaggy, Jokeren, Lizzie, Natasja, Pilfinger, Madness4Real, Den Gale Pose, Rasmus Thude, Laura White, Spanish Fly, Cutfather&Joe, Lucas, Ida Corr, Trolle//Siebenhaar, Little Brothers, Kurupt, Grand Avenue, Erann DD, DJ-Vadim, Terri Walker, Bent Fabric, Lars HUG, Lisa Nilson and many more…