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Thanks for wanting your own copy of the Sababas CD and DVD! To order a copy, please also consider making a donation to support our follow up projects. This is not required, but we would like to keep the aim of the project going by supporting northern Ghanaian musicians and filmmakers. To cover the shipping cost, please consider a minimum 100 SEK donation ( ≈11 EUR ≈14 USD). If you would like to make an additional donation, we would be very grateful. Take a look below to read more about the projects , click on the “donate” button and follow the steps. These projects were all created by some of the Ghanaian Sababas members themselves and continue to support local artistic achievements.

We use paypal which is a simple and safe method of transferring money. We will send you the number of requested copies to the address you provide. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

To help realize the projects

If you would like to make a donation for a CD/DVD you already received, thank you!  The support you give will go directly to the projects listed below. Just follow the link below and enter “0″ under number of CD/DVDs (unless you want more copies)

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Sababas Follow-up Projects

We would like to use the planted seeds in order to enable small-scale follow-up projects. The purpose of these projects is to continue building the capacity of northern Ghanaian artists and strengthen the role of art as a tool for social change.

The following projects were designed by the Sababas participants in Ghana. They all have a budget of 1000 USD with the idea that they are specific and achievable. Their results will be presented here on the Sababas website. With your donation, these projects can be realized!

Setting up a Digital Music Library in Northern Ghanaian Music by Sheriff Ghale, musician, Tamale, Ghana

I propose to set up a computer-based archive/library for recordings produced by northern Ghanaian musicians who currently lack a means to save and archive their music. This would also be linked to ongoing efforts to set up a professional recording and video studio in Tamale.

The 1000 USD raised will cover the cost of a computer with CD/DVD ROM for ripping and organizing the recordings, an external hard-drive (at least two terabytes capacity) to store the data, and a Scanner to scan pictures and CD inlays where applicable.

A more detailed description of the project can be found here.


Documentary on Migrants by Tahid Abu, filmmaker, Tamale, Ghana

A group of young men will be filmed during their preparations to cross the Sahara heading north, with the dream of reaching Europe. The film will be shot in the northern regions of Ghana, and follow them to the Burkina Faso border, combining fiction with documentary. The film will be screened in Tamale and after adding English subtitles, will be uploaded onto the Sababas website and youtube to reach a broader audience.

The funds raised will cover the cost of equipment and material, meals for the participants, and travel costs of the film crew to the Bukina Faso border.






Talent Hunt by Kawastone, musician, Tamale, Ghana 

The proposed  “Talent Hunt” will provide an opportunity for young musicians around Tamale to participate in the recording of a compilation album with support from the Sababas team in Tamale. By participating, the young artists will receive exposure and publicity and contribute to building a good performance culture among participating artists.

The 1000 USD raised will cover the costs of overall planning including communication, seating venue for 500 people, rental of musical instruments and a PA system, publicity and refreshments. The recording and release will be financed by the project leader, Kawastone.

A more detailed description of the project can be found here.