TALENT HUNT by Kawastone



Raw Artistic/Musical talent among young people in the Tamale metropolis and its surrounding communities is evidently abundant.  However, opportunities for guidance, training, grooming and exposure are almost non-existent. There have to be more and more opportunities created in and around Tamale for these young people to get good guidance, grooming and exposure of their talents, such as training centers/schools, amateur performance centers and recording facilities for up-and-coming musicians.

The proposed  “Talent Hunt” will provide an opportunity for all the young musical artists around Tamale to participate with support from the Sababas team in Tamale.  This programme will be to provide a competitive stage for young people to secure an opportunity to take part in a studio recording and to be exposed through the release and promotion of the compilation album of young talents.


The key objectives of this Talent Hunt are to:

  • Provide an amateur stage for all young musical artists in and around Tamale to perform competitively.
  • To enable 5 winners to be included in tan upcoming compilation album.

  • Provide some training sessions on artistic skills and instill and encourage good performance culture among all participating young artists.

  • Provide exposure and publicity for all participating young artistes.


The main target group for this programme is talented young musical artists, male and female, in and around Tamale who are willing to compete and expose themselves to guidance and training by registering to participate in the Talent Hunt.


The competition will be announced through radio advertisements, thereby reaching most of the young population in and around Tamale. Female musicians will be encouraged, and depending on the number of registered musicians, we will try to have a quota of at least 2 females out of the final 5. The judges will be made up of popular and prominent local musicians in Tamale. They will be given a score sheet to judge on criteria including originality of compositions, voice quality, stage confidence and costumes. Publicity will be continuously announced by radio including on the “Drive Time Show” which is hosted by Kawastone on Might FM as well as other related radio programmes.


The cost implications for this Talent Hunt will be the acquisition of the following:

  • A 500 seating Venue for the least

  • Musical Instruments/P. A. Systems

  • Radio Publicity

  • Refreshment for Judges and Participants

  • Stationery

The cost of the actual recording and distribution of the album will be covered by Kawastone.