The Visual Artists

The Visual Artists

Tahid Abu  -  director, script writer and photographer
Tahid has produced musical videos, documentaries, fiction films and has formed a drama group “Zaapayim Drama Group” in Tamale. He has worked with several NGOs in the area among others Action Aid, Ibis and Mandela Development Centre. He has produced films like Peace/Sohudoo, Girl Child Education, Alahachi Nam, Darili focusing on social themes and everyday life as well as fiction films which involve drama. Tahid has a great social awareness and wants to improve conditions of the Northern Region. He finds teaching theater helps communication between people.

Bettina Fürstenberg  -  visual artist, video artist, documentary film producer, musical videos
Bettina’s videos mix the documentary genre with the art video genre. She works with both separately, but elements flow between the two. For several years, she has circled, with an almost anthropological working method, around questions relating to identity, amongst others Jewish identity and its relationship to the project Israel. The theme started as a personal search, as she herself is Jewish but raised secular. Through the years the films have become more political, as she realized that for her the balancing act of relating to Judaism/Israel without taking the political dimensions into account is impossible. But the works are nevertheless not singularly ‘for’ or ‘against’. Present is always a space open to interpretation – an attempt at avoiding dogmatic statements. Music often has a prominent place in her works of art. More at

Gillion Grantsaan  -  visual artist, text author, internet art, drawings, assemblage etc.
Gillion is a visual artists who works with text, assemblage, drawings, moving images and digital collage and regular collage. He as won several art prizes and his work is in different museum collections in The Netherlands. He also has teaching experiences from The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, Denmark and Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland. He was born in Suriname in South-America but partly grew up in The Netherlands. Although the subjects in his work vary, a reoccurring topic is being a stranger in an environment that isn’t strange to oneself. Being forced to play the role of the stranger trying to connect different world views to one coherent one. He has strong artistic sensitivity dealing with often heavy topics, but his visual skills make his work playful, tempting, surprising and irresistible to be drawn into.


Abdul- Hameed Ibrahim  -  film producer and television director

Abdul Hameed is a filmmaker and television director educated from the National Film and Television Institute (Ghana) in 2003. He has both education and practical experience within the process of filmmaking, including scriptwriting and music videos and has worked and received courses under the auspices of international filmmakers, such as Dieter Matzka a German Cinematographer from the Goethe Institute. He aspires to be an active participant in promoting high standards in Film, Television and Related Media in the African Continent, contributing to defining what an African story is, and above all promote positive social changes through the use of Film, Television and related Media in the world.
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